Clive to Deliver Keynote at WORKTECH22 Los Angeles

On Tuesday, November 15, Clive will speak on “The New Ideal Office in the Hybrid Era” at WORKTECH22 Los Angeles.

With the advent of Hybrid Working, we entered a new age of mobility and the pandemic validated the WFH (Work From Home) model. This brings home and office into the same category of complimentary workplace and lifestyle, freeing many in the workforce from challenges managing lives, roles and family demands. Offices can save over 20% in space, capital cost and utilities and devote resources to creating better, more supportive and exciting workplaces. With the high demand for talent empowering workers, this session will explore how the New Ideal Office must become a magnet for community to ensure its continued relevance.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022
9:15 am
Second Home, Hollywood, LA

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