BMW Research and Innovation Center
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Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Urban Design, Workplace
About This Project

Scope: Urban Design, Master Plan (Competition)
Area: 250 acres
In late 2013, BMW invited Clive Wilkinson Architects to be one of twelve international firms to participate in a competition to design their new FIZ (Research and Innovation Center) in Munich, Germany. The competition entailed urban design and master planning for 250 acres of urban space to house over 26,000 employees across every work area within BMW and included roads and traffic as well as public amenities.
Clive Wilkinson Architects partnered with Stoss Landscape of Boston to create their masterplan proposal ‘Büro ohne Grenzen,’ or Office without Borders, representing the idea of ‘thinking without boundaries’ and moving into the future with an open mind. The plan addressed issues of dismantling silos, traffic decongestion and integration of green space, while accommodating BMW’s future expansion and unifying and stimulating its employees.
Apart from research centers, office buildings and factories, Büro ohne Grenzen is a vision for a new type of industrial presence that positively revitalizes, rather than imposes upon, the surrounding residential neighborhoods.