UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television
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Los Angeles, California

Education, Urban Design
About This Project

Type: Education, Urban Planning
Area: 200,000 SF

Following a series of collaborative visioning sessions with the client, Clive Wilkinson Architects proposed a major reorganization of the School of Theater, Film and Television that would physically reunite the fragmented departments as well as remove the institutionalized divisions between the realms of production and instruction in order to promote communication and efficiency.

By expanding the range of uses within and beyond the current footprint of the complex, a stage was set for students, faculty and staff of all departments and disciplines to be exposed to, and engaged in, the round-the-clock creative activity of their peers and colleagues.

The design solutions deployed throughout the complex stem from a desire to redefine a setting in which a burgeoning interdisciplinary community can thrive and a place where instruction, performance and research are able to converge organically. Members of the TFT community are granted the opportunity to recognize that they work and live inside the complete process, and amidst the energy, activity and creativity that the process inspires.

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