WATCH: Clive on “Returning to a Better Workplace” with Metropolis
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WATCH: Clive on “Returning to a Better Workplace” with Metropolis

In the last decade, floor plans, utilization ratios, amenity packages, real estate calculations, and corporate policy and programs have all seen huge changes. However, by disrupting business-as-usual so fundamentally, the global pandemic has brought to the fore many opportunities that previously were on the fringes. Informed by everything from remote working to public health concerns, architects and designers must be prepared to imagine workplaces of a kind they have never had to before.
Watch Clive–along with panelists Kelly Farrell, President and CEO, CallisonRTKL; Tom Powers, Co-President and CEO, IA Interior Architects; Robert Whitlock, Principal, KPF; and Lindsay Wilson, President, Corgan–discuss the future of the workplace in a post-pandemic world with moderator Avinash Rajagopal, Editor in Chief of Metropolis magazine.
The discussion, titled “Returning to a Better Workplace”, is part of Metropolis Forums, the magazine’s new webinar series established to help industry leaders discuss the way forward and provide opportunities for members of the community to stay connected.

Video courtesy of Metropolis magazine